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Product Review – Hydropeptide Soothing Serum

26th April, 2018

Hydropeptide Soothing Serum

 HydroPeptide Soothing Serum Redness Repair and Relief is specially formulated with an advanced plant stem cell peptide complex to visibly reduce redness and inflammation while working to balance and comfort extremely intolerant or compromised skin.

Niacinamide strengthens skin’s natural defense’s to prevent irritation while antioxidants and essential omega fatty acids promote healthy cell function and fight premature signs of ageing.

Kates Review:

I’m really excited to share my recent review!

I recently did a trip to wale’s and after exposing my skin to some cold fresh air on our walks my skin was feeling really irritated, tight and sensitive so I gave the Soothing Serum from Hydropeptide a try.

It is designed for redness, repair and relief to calm the skin which is ideal as I suffer with Rosacea.

It contains peptides, detoxifying botanical stem cells and arnica to support and comfort irritated skin and strengthen the skins natural defense.

I’m used to a much heavier consistency for my Rosacea product so initially this lightweight serum felt as though it wasn’t going to be enough.

After a few days though I was really starting to feel the Hyaluronic acid hydrating my skin.

Hyaluronic acid enhances water-transport proteins to improve hydration and restores your natural barrier whilst boosting collagen and elastin.

Although I’ve been used it for my Rosacea I think this is one of those serums anybody could benefit from, especially if tend to suffer with a little sensitivity.

Its great for anti-ageing, rejuvenating and calming the skin.

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