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Medik8 Micellar Mousse Cleanser – Kate’s Product Review

6th March, 2019

There is lots of talk about Micellar cleansers & they seem to have become a big trend so I gave Medik8’s Micellar Mousse Cleanser a go.

 Micellar waters melt away dirt, oil, impurities and even waterproof makeup with no irritation. Comprised of micelle molecules which are spheres, made up of tiny cleansing agents called surfactants. The inside of a micelle is an oil-loving environment which loves to grab oils, pollution and make-up particles.

As the luxurious mousse envelops the surface of the skin, the tiny cleansing micelles pick up the oil-soluble particles on your face, gently buffing away make-up and impurities. The micelles also release nourishing olive oil to help break down stubborn make-up and to gently moisturise the skin too.

Kate’s Review:

The texture is a gorgeous rich, creamy foam with a very light citrusy scent.

Being a foam it makes for easy application and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight as it’s lightly hydrating with Glycerin, which draws water from the lower levels of the skin.

You only need to use one pump and I like to use mine alongside my PMD Clean. It removes waterproof make-up with ease and no irritation.
After it’s rinsed away, skin is left feeling clean, soft and supple.

I always double cleanse so I’ve been using this as a pre-cleanse/first cleanser to remove my make-up then I follow with an exfoliating treatment cleanser morning and evening.

It’s a great cleanser and especially good for someone with sensitive skin or I would advise it as pre-cleanse for removing make-up.

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