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Kate’s Skincare Regime

13th March, 2018
Kate, Aesthetic Therapist

Kate’s Skincare Regime 

Well my skincare regime can vary greatly as I love to be able to try new  products and I do change them to suit the season (as you will see below!).

During the summer months I tend to change to my lighter textured products but as the seasons change my skin is very easily affected so I opt for heavier, more moisturising consistency.

My all  time favourites always stay put in my bathroom though!

You may have seen from my previous reviews I have always suffered with Rosacea from when I was probably about 18 and it is something that if I didn’t have my cosmeceutical skincare products I am certain this would continue to be a big problem for me.


– I use our own brand cleanser –   DermaTx Rejuvenate Cleanser.

I have tried so many cleansers and love most of them however I do try to keep to using an exfoliating cleanser which is why this one is ideal.

My Rejuvenate  Cleanser from DermaTx contains Lactic Acid and antioxidants which is great for when my skin can be a little sensitive and a little drier


DCL C Scape High Potency Serum 25 or  Serum 10

Everybody should be using a topical Vitamin C! I like Serum 10 from SkinCeuticals however the prices have recently gone up so I have decided to use the DCL C Scape 25 which has a lovely light texture that gives me a lovely glow!


Skinceuticals Redness Neutraliser or PCA Dual Action Redness Relief

  I have recently been using  PCA Dual Action Redness Relief  as it is a really lovely primer texture that I prefer as its much lighter! Redness Neutraliser from SkinCeuticals is a really nice option that I previously used throughout the cold months as it’s more moisturising.

I couldn’t be without these two though it really keeps my Rosacea at bay..


PCA Rebalance Moisturiser

With Omega-6 essential fatty acid, Evening Primrose Seed Oil and Vitamin C it is a calming, nourishing moisturiser with antioxidants that has a really lovely texture.


Mineral Radiance & Heliocare 360 Compact Beige

Sun damage is bad for all skin types and is a very big factor in causing redness and flushing. I tend to stick to mineral sunscreens as the particles in a mineral formula are larger molecules and sit on top of the skin, where they won’t absorb and cause inflammation.

Mineral radiance is an absolute favourite I like how its a lightweight fluid that sits just right for my skin and gives that slight tint so that I don’t really need any foundation.

A new product that has just be launched is the Heliocare 360 compact in beige which I have been trying and am keen to start using more of because it has a really nice dewy buildable foundation coverage!


PCA Revitalizing Eye Gel 

My Review of Revitalizing Eye Gel ..


Hyla 3D HA Lip Complex 

I was lucky enough to receive the Hyla 3D HA Lip complex for Christmas and have only just started to use it as clients were telling me how good it was! So far I have been applying it twice a day,  it has quite a heavy consistency but my lips are feeling super hydrated  🙂

Weekly Treatments

 Dermatx Rejuvenate Microdermabrasion 

I tend to use this 2 /3 times a week religiously! If I forget than I can feel my skin starting to look dull and my products don’t sit so well so I never forget.. It contains the spherical corundum crystals to gentle buff the dead skin cells away with the Lactic Acid whilst delivering antioxidants.


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