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It Smells Too Good To Be True! Why I Only Use Products That Smell Bad..

5th October, 2018

In my experience during the many years of working in dermatology then onto the aesthetic industry, I have learnt that generally products that work do not really smell very good!

Smelling potent, results-driven ingredients in products means far more to me than something that smells of flowers or fruit.

If a product does not smell very nice, I know it means that it is working. I find it very difficult to get this across to clients because most people like their skincare products to smell nice.

Cosmetic companies understand the power of a pleasingly fragranced product, and how that impacts a consumer’s buying decisions and their experience of using the product at home.

Unfortunately, fragrances in skincare products are among the most common cause of sensitizing skin and inducing other negative skin reactions. And this is true for all skin types, not just those with sensitive or redness-prone skin.

So if you want skincare that will deliver results, then ditch the fragrance….



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