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Introducing New Medik8 beta Gel

30th July, 2014

This improved targeted blemish solution is now available as part of the upgraded Medik8® beta range. The new advanced formula contains stronger active ingredients all in a great new texture, designed especially to improve application which will aid your clients to control their acne and problem skins more efficiently.


● Azelaic Acid
○ Regulates cell turnover in a similar way to hydroxy acids.
○ Breaks down comedones and congestion.
○ Deeply penetrating molecule also helps reduce redness and accelerate healing
● Salicylic Acid
○ Beta hydroxy acid that clears blocked pores
○ Gently encourages exfoliation, preventing skin congestion
● Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
○ A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce redness and irritation
● Dioic Acid (Octadecenedioic Acid):
○ Reduces sebum production for long term breakout prevention
○ Targets acne causing bacteria without creating antibiotic resistance
○ Adds to the anti-inflammatory effects of the formula

Directions for use
● After cleansing in the morning and/or evening, dispense an adequate amount of beta Gel (one
drop should cover one blemish) onto a clean finger and gently apply onto the blemish, rubbing
in carefully.


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