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Dermaceutic Tri Vita C30 – My product Review


Tri Vita C30 is an ultra concentrated 30% Vitamin C Serum with an innovative combination of 3 forms of vitamin C to reach several depths of the skin and release antioxidant benefits over time.

When I heard that Dermaceutic were bringing a new high strength Vitamin C serum, I was excited to try it.



I am always going on about how a good Vitamin C is essential in our skincare regime.

It helps reduce both normal ageing changes or intrinsic ageing, and both environmental and sun-induced ageing changes, also known as extrinsic ageing.


This is a gel-like serum, and 2 small pumps are enough to cover the entire face and neck.

It is odourless, does not leave a greasy feel or shine or stickiness to the skin after application, and sinks in very quickly.

Vitamin C is always best applied after cleansing.

As with any Vitamin C application, results are not seen straight away. Yes you can get the skin looking brighter, but the fine lines and rejuvenation takes months.

You have to remember that using Vitamins in cosmetics is not just about correction, but prevention as well.

Even though it sinks in well, I personally still prefer a serum when it comes to a Vitamin C product. Maybe I am just suck in my old ways!



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