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DCL Multi Action Penta Peel

6th April, 2018

DCL Multi Action Penta


Every couple of weeks I love to treat my skin to a peel in the salon! However when I don’t have time I like use DCL’s Multi Action Penta peel which is a 3x weekly peel that refines  and renews the look of tired, dull skin.



Penta peel gently removes dead skin cells with its concoction of acids which stimulates cell turnover resulting in smoother and visibly clearer skin.


The combination of mandelic, phytic, lactic and salicylic acid means that this product is great for a breakout sufferer like me! As well as being just as good for someone with concerns of aging and pigmentation.


DCL have infused the Penta peel pads with Hyaluronic acid which ensures that the skin remains supple, plump and hydrated during the gentle skin peeling process.


Many people are scared off by the word peel in this product however I didn’t find that my skin was overly flaking, it was more like a gently exfoliation with slight tingling but minimal skin shedding.  


The pads in the penta peel pot are extremely moist so I didn’t have to worry about there being not much solution on them to cover my whole face, neck and decolletage.

Once applied I then left this on for three minutes, during this time I experienced slight tingling which then started to slowly fade.

Once my three minutes was up I then moved over to my sink where I then removed the peel with tepid water, ensuring it had been thoroughly removed in the process.


My skin feels great after using the DCL Multi Action Penta Peel pads and has really started to give my skin the same glow that I get when using a professional peel.

-Emily x  

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