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8th September, 2017



Illuminating Tanning drops is an amazing idea to get a gradual tan without turning into an Oompa-Loompa!! I have literally tried every tanning product on the market; spray tans, self tanning lotions, oils, dry spray, pads, etc. Most of them don’t give you a natural-looking tan as they are either really dark or too light or make your skin orange! But with Illuminating tanning drops you can adjust the darkness by changing the amount that you use. Also you have the freedom of mixing it with your everyday moisturiser; face cream, body lotion etc. So it makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The guideline says to mix a couple of drops with your moisturizer in the palm of your hand but to be honest I find this method a tad messy! I prefer to add (15-20) drops to my moisturizer bottle (150gr) and give it a good shake to combine evenly and apply it on my face and body. You won’t see the difference straight away, but gradual tan will develop between 2 and 4 hours for an amazing glow!
What I really like about this product is that it can be applied on your face as well as your body. Also a little goes a long way, a bottle can easily last for 6-7 months depending on how often you use your moisturizer.

It’s a shame that it is limited edition as it’s a brilliant product.
I would recommend this to those of you that like a hassle free natural-looking tan all year long
Adele Xx

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