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When Should I Start Using An Eye Cream?

12th February, 2020 by Andrea


Yes! Taking care of the delicate eye area is important in order to prevent the signs of ageing.

The skin around the eyes is fragile and often shows signs of ageing before any of the other facial areas, so I would advise using a preventative eye skincare treatment from as early as your 20’s.


As most of the damage is caused by UV rays & environmental stresses, in your twenties when applying your vitamin C in the morning, I would recommended to apply it around the eye area as well (as long as there is no irritation).

Don’t forget to follow with a broad spectrum high SPF eye sunscreen or mineral sunscreen.

SkinCeuticals Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF 30 

Medik8 Advanced Day Eye Protect.


In your 30’s you tend to start to seeing the first visible signs of ageing.

Using an eye cream daily or even twice daily to help keep the skin elastic and prevent collagen loss around the eye would be beneficial.

Choose your eye product wisely! The skin around your eyes is much thinner, so it’s prone to irritation and may cause milia around the eye area from using rich moisturising creams.

Facial products, especially cosmeceutical’s are formulated well and contain strong active ingredients to target specific concerns, so they would be too potent for the eye area.

When you’re in your 30s, you’re more likely to have specific eye area concerns like fine lines, dark circles and puffiness that would require eye products specially formulated with ingredients to target those concerns.

That’s why it’s so important to use the correct eye product.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your eye cream is to make sure it’s well formulated. That means choosing a cosmeceutical’s brand that uses evidence based ingredients with enough active ingredients to target these issues.

Most cosmeceutical’s products are backed by science and not marketing rubbish. Remember that high street brands and department store skincare products don’t contain enough ingredients to have a noticeable effect on the skin.

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