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Skinade Targetted Solutions

25th November, 2019 by Kate Daniel

Skinade Targeted Solutions® is an innovative new range, brought to you by the team that created the multi-award winning skinade better skin from within. Skinade Targeted Solutions® is a professional grade range of products designed to provide targeted solutions to specific concerns.

The Skinade Targeted Solutions® currently available are:

  • Cellulite
  • Clear
  • Derma Defense A&D

Skinade Targeted Solutions® offer a results-driven approach to skincare – A professional product range that works from the inside out.

About 85% of the global female adult population is affected by cellulite. Skinade® Targeted Solutions Cellulite is a unique formulation designed to deliver targeted nutraceuticals promoting high absorption and bioavailability, to address cellulite related concerns. This innovative product contains a liquid component that is activated by enzymatic powder for clinically proven results.

Cellulite on a daily basis results in firmer, smoother, more even looking skin with a reduction in the dimpling associated with the ‘orange peel’ like appearance attributed to cellulite.

Skinade Targeted Solutions Cellulite is a drinkable internal skin care product that delivers its functional ingredients through a highly absorbable liquid solution with micro solids in suspension. This delivery mechanism ensures optimal delivery format and efficacy. As the product works form the inside, it supports the skin all over your body (whether your cellulite is located on the legs, buttocks or abdomen).

It works from the inside to address; oxidative damage, hormonal changes, stress, water retention, poor detoxification and is designed to improve circulation, metabolism, skin elasticity and the integrity of the dermal matrix essential to reducing the appearance of cellulite.
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Acne is one of the most common skin disorders and has a major impact on an individual’s self-image. The three main causes of this skin condition are hormonal imbalance, inflammation and overactive sebaceous glands. Skinade® Targeted Solutions Clear contains ingredients designed to trigger the body to naturally address these issues, resulting in clearer skin.

Clear is an internal skin care product that delivers its functional ingredients in a two-step approach. A drinkable highly absorbable liquid sachet component and a slow delivery capsule component. This two-step delivery mechanism ensures optimal efficacy. As the product works from the inside, it supports the skin all over the body (whether you have blemishes on your face, back, chest or neck).

It works from the inside out to regulate hormonal imbalances, reduce inflammation, regulate excess oil production, detoxify the dermal layers of the skin and boost the immune system. A poor immune system is a key issue in breakout prone skin. Increasing skin elasticity and hydration is also key to prevent dry and cracking skin (a key cause of the spread of bacteria). Digestive health also plays an important role in preventing breakouts, for this reason we include friendly bacteria at 10 billion cfu per daily dose.

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Vitamin Boost A&D
Low levels of vitamin A and D negatively affect the appearance of the skin. Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, stimulates natural skin cell renewal, elasticity and hydration. Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”, in combination with Vitamin A shields, rejuvenates and repairs the skin. This liquid formulation promotes high absorption and bio availability for optimal results.

Skinade Targeted Solutions Derma Defense A&D Boost is an internal skin care product that delivers its functional ingredients via a drinkable highly absorbable liquid sachet.

Each 15ml sachet provides a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced skincare products available.

Vitamin A covers countless functions in our body: it strengthens and maintains the skin, hair and mucous membranes and stimulates normal skin cell renewal and elasticity.

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