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PRIORI Hydrofill Masque – Product Review

21st October, 2019 by Kate Daniel

 Priori Hydrofill Masque offers extra hydration and restoration of the skin’s surface (ideal for use on flights or after sunny holidays). The masque will also plump, volumise and tighten the skin. 

Key Ingredients:

  • 2% LCA Complex (1% lactic, 1% Vit A,C,E, ProVit A) – a mild amount of AHA to improve hydration, boost collagen production plus 4 skin essential antioxidants.
  • Sericin – a rich moisturising emollient that helps smooth wrinkles.
  • Water-based – the high water content will feel cool on the skin and can also tingle slightly if used immediately after a peel.
  • Algae extract – blue-green algae extract remineralises the skin.

Kate’s Review:

This time of year always causes havoc with my skin as the heating goes on and the weather gets colder. My skin is always on the drier side anyway but it becomes a constant struggle as the season changes trying to keep it hydrated, so a mask is the perfect to give it an instant boost!

I am already a big Priori fan so really wanted to try the Hydrofill mask and it did not disappoint. Its a really rich consistency so was a little harder to spread across the face but it felt lovely having that creamy texture. It has a pleasant light scent with a slight green colour to it. The first few times I did feel a little tingling sensation initially but now it just feels refreshing.

I’ve been leaving it on for 10 minutes then washing off and immediately your skin feels super soft and nourished. The results last a while and I’m hoping this will help get my skin through the colder winter months to come!

It contains 1% lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin with Vitamins A,C,E to give the skin a radiant glow. It’s a great mask to have to hydrate your skin whilst leaving it beautifully restored and nourished.

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