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Q&A N020 Dry Masks With Brand Founders Ady & Sharon

16th October, 2019 by Kate Daniel

Unless you have been on a total beauty embargo, you will have been bombarded with images of the new skincare obsession of the Sheet Masks.  

A familiar image to all of us that possibly Halloween may have arrived early.  This trend shows no sign of going anywhere and we have interviewed the brand founders – Ady & Sharon – of NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Masks, who have taken the humble wet sheet mask and given it a technology overhaul.


Q: How did you get started within the skincare industry?

A:  We are very lucky to live in Cornwall but not so lucky when it comes to the latest advanced treatments, skincare and technology finding its way into the county with any rapid availability.  So in 2012, we launched our own advanced skincare clinic in the South west which would specialise in treatments that were backed by science and results driven.  It was difficult at the beginning as so many people we used to the normal offerings such as spa and relaxation treatments but once our clientele understood the benefits for the skin and the difference we could achieve then people quickly got on board.


Q:  How did NO2O come about?

A:  Working within the clinic and within this industry we have noticed a rapid growth in the application of wet sheet masks.  Many of our customers were asking about these and some of our skincare brands were launching their own versions of wet sheet masks to use within our professional treatments.   Both of us are not fans of the wet sheet masks,  we found them quite “user unfriendly” – having to sit perfectly still for 20 minutes whilst the contents of the mask proceeds to drip down your neck and that is if you can actually remove it out of the packet without causing it to rip or stick together.  We decided to research the market and see if we could find something that had better technology with additional benefits to the skin whilst being easy for the customer to use in any situation. 


Q:  So, What is NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Masks ?

A:  NO2O – pronounced “No-Two-Ohhh” – is a range of 4 Dry Sheet treatments masks.  All of our masks are completely water free.  Your skin cannot absorb water (this is good news, as every time we went out in the rain we would swell up like blueberries!), so once you remove the water from a product it allows for a higher percentage of active ingredients to be included whilst also removing the need to include preservatives and stabilisers to ensure that the product remains bacteria free.  Most wet sheet masks contain between 6 – 12 % active ingredients, our masks have an active ingredient percentage of between 86 – 93% .  They are completely dry and are very easy to use, simply slip the side loops over your ears and position the mask over the face for a perfect fit, a gentle massage and you can carry on with whatever you are doing.   


Q:  How do they work?

A: The masks are made from a medical grade polymer which is printed with millions of micro vectors called BMV – Biomimetic Micro Vectors.  These are like little balls which are all over the masks, once they come into contact with the skin – the heat and PH of the skin together with a small massage causes the BMV’s to release their active ingredients.  Due to the vector being Biomimetic, they mimic the structure of the skin, so the skin instantly recognises the ingredients and this allows for the active ingredients, peptides and nutrients to be absorbed deeper within the skin and also creates a reservoir effects so that the skin can store the active ingredients and can be time released for up to 8 hours once the mask has been removed.  


Q:  It states on the packet that they are multiple use?

A,  Yes, due to the masks being completely dry they cannot contain bacteria as bacteria requires water to grow.  Once you remove the mask you can fold it and place it back in its resealable packet to use again.  We state that you can get 2 uses out of the masks which will guarantee the same level of active ingredients for both times but we have clients who use the mask more than this, it depends on your skin type.  You will know when the mask is no longer active as you will not be able to feel the balm on the skin after you remove it.


Q:  Who is it for?

A:  Any and all skin types and concerns.  There are four in the range – Hydrating, Detoxing, Firming and Protecting.  

Because they are multiple use and you can change between the masks depending on how your skin is behaving and what external factors are affecting your skin.  We often use the Protecting one when we are travelling through the city as this is very good for protection against the environment and pollution.  The Hydrating mask is excellent for flights and you don’t have to worry about squeezing it into the plastic sandwich bag at security check-in as they do not contain liquid. 


Q: Why is Sustainability a strong focus for NO2O?


A:  Living in Cornwall we are surrounded by the ocean on all sides and this needs protection.  We all understand that we should save water as it is a valuable commodity and if we can remove this ingredient from skincare, which provides no actual benefit to the skin then we are helping to provide a minimal environmental footprint, which is very important to us.  Normal wet sheet masks also generate a large amount of waste, they often have a backing layer and a front layer of plastic to protect the masks and our masks do not require this therefore reducing the amount of waste generated.  Multiple use also allows for less waste.  


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