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PRIORI LCA Fx160 2xFoliant Peel + Scrub – Product Review

3rd October, 2019 by Kate Daniel

Formulated to deliver the perfect balance between mild chemical peel and mechanical micro exfoliator. Featuring Priori’s adaptive skincare technology enabling your skin to draw exactly what it needs, exactly when you need it. Perfect for face or body exfoliation because it’s not too strong, not too mild… it’s just right. 

Key Ingredients In The Priori 2xFoliant Peel + Scrub:

  • 16% LCA Complex (15% lactic, 1% Vit A,C,E, ProVit A) – high strength 15% lactic acid to exfoliate and renew the skin.
  • Physical Exfoliation Synthetic Wax Beads – biodegradable, spherical beads polish the surface of the skin without harming the environment or scratching the skin.
  • Anti-Irritant Complex – anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, soothes and calms the skin.

Kate’s Review:

“This has been perfect to try post summer to renew and brighten any summer damage to my skin. I love that it makes all your products penetrate better and skin is left radiant and glowing! 

The best part is that its a big size and can be used on both face and body. 

It’s a 2 in 1 peel and a scrub so by leaving it on the surface of the skin once applied for a few minutes allows the AHA ‘s to stimulate cell turnover.  Then you proceed to using light pressure to scrub and gently buff the surface to clear the dead skin cells. 

It would be ideal for those with dry skin conditions, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs, dry feet, hands, face & body. ” 

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