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Dermaceutic Yellow Cream – Product Review

6th September, 2019 by Andrea


Hydroquinone-free hyper-pigmentation treatment


– Targets dark spots

– Inhibits melanin production

– Contains AHAs and BHAs

– Creates a more even skin tone


The first noticeable improvement usually becomes apparent only after 2-4 weeks, with significant results after about 3 months. However, in some cases the pigmentation may become worse during the first few weeks, while the skin is exfoliated and more pigments come to the surface.

Andrea’s review:


Dermaceutic Yellow Cream is one of my all-time favourite pigment lightening products.

It combines high percentages of exfoliating & pigment lightening ingredients.

It is potent, so would not be suitable for sensitive skin types.


I apply the Yellow Cream just on my pigmentation areas in the morning after my vitamin C, and at night after cleansing.

I know on the bottle it states that this should be applied at night, but I think a pigment lightening product needs to be applied twice a day.

Obviously when you start using the product, to begin with, it would be advisable to introduce it slowly and maybe only use it once daily for maintenance.


Dermaceutic Yellow Cream has a creamy texture, but surprisingly it rubs in really well and is not at all greasy. The smell is not great, but most cosmeceuticals products do not smell wonderful.

This product does not cause any irritation or peeling for me.

Although the product comes in only a small pump bottle, only a small pea sized amount is required to it will last quite a while.




What can I say! I can always rely on Yellow Cream to help fade my pigmentation caused over the summer.

It can take a few weeks to see any fading of my pigmentation, but it does work.

I would  highly recommend the Yellow Cream for most skin types, except for sensitive skin.



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