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Priori Tetra SPF Colour Guide – Product Review

14th August, 2019 by Andrea

Do you want a sunscreen that does more than protect against UV?

Cosmeceutical brands are right there when it comes to sunscreens that offer a lot more than just UV protection, including formulations that are non greasy, non-chalky, with serum-like benefits built in, helping to fade dark spots, offering DNA repair, blue light protection, hydrate the skin and more.

Priori Tetra SPF Colour guide is of course one of these products.

It offers four levels of protection, smart enough to adapt to what your skin needs.

Enriched with broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen, proprietary Blue Light (HEV) and Infrared Protection Complex

Contains antioxidants & DNA repair enzymes to shield skin from harmful environmental elements

Suitable for all skin types

My review:

I was very excited to try out the new Priori tinted sunscreen because as you may know, I am a Priori fan.

I do like a tinted sunscreen to help hide pigmentation across my forehead.

I do not like wearing make-up, so I would prefer to apply a tinted sunscreen rather than foundation every morning.

I must admit that generally I don’t go for a mineral sunscreen. I don’t tend to like them as they don’t offer hydration as much as chemical sunscreens would.

However, I am really impressed with the Priori Tetra SPF – It feels amazing!

It sinks in instantly, is not at all greasy, doesn’t feel thick on the skin and to be honest, it doesn’t feel like I have applied anything at all.

Even though it feels so light, my skin feels really hydrated and vibrant.

It gives me enough coverage and is helping to hide my discolouration as well as helping to prevent further dark spots.

What more do you need from a sunscreen? It feels great and provides the ultimate all round protection!

Priori Tetra SPF is costly, but in my opinion, it is worth every penny. Try it today….


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