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 BAPSCARCARE T Silicone Sheet – New Product

3rd August, 2019 by Kate Daniel

BAP SCAR CARE T is a medical, self- adhesive, thin and transparent, self-adhering silicone sheet for the treatment of old and new scars.

– Easy to Use

– Does not need to be washed during use

– Exra thin and virtually invisible

– Stays perfectly in place

– Shapes itself to the contours of the skin

BAP SCAR CARE is a medical, silicone therapy that ensures quicker and improved healing of the skin. BAP SCAR CARE ensures that existing scars become flatter, smoother and thinner. The scar is less disfiguring, and in many cases becomes almost invisible. BAP SCAR CARE ensures visible reduction, even in cases of thickened scar tissue having formed thick ‘strands’ on the skin. – Taken from BAP MEDICAL.

One pack contains 10 silicone dressings and is sufficient for two months of therapy

One BAP SCAR CARE T silicone dressing lasts for 5-7 days.

The are intended to be worn undisturbed for periods of up to 7 days and after usage the skin is cleaned and the gel sheet discarded and replaced with another new sheet.

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