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PRIORI Skin Decoded – Kate’s Skincare Regime Review

23rd July, 2019 by Kate Daniel

Priori Skincare products are carefully formulated using the latest technology to recognise your individuality. Priori products provide your skin with exactly what it needs, exactly when you need it.

Kates Review:

Gentle Cleanser is a rich, milky complex cleanser and
exfoliates with 13% Lactic Acid, Vitamin C & A. It also enhances the skin’s barrier functions with its anti-irritant complex to reduce inflammation and protects
against daily environmental damage.

I use one pump, work it in and leave on whilst I clean my teeth before rinsing and it does just what it needs leaving your skin dewy and radiant.



Secondly I apply the Recovery Serum, which has an almost watery consistence and sinks in instantly. With adaptive technology it delivers DNA enzymes and Vitamins C & E to helps reverse DNA damage. Its combination of powerful antioxidants help reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation and boosts collagen. This was perfect for my post holiday skin!

I follow with the Barrier Restore complex in my regime, which is my favourite product ever! It has a silky, light texture which smooths on easily. It contains essential skin nutrients to strengthen and repair skin’s barrier function. With 2% LCA complex, antioxidants, ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acid and anti-irritant complex it locks in moisture, repairs, replenishes and soothe’s skin.


Finally I finish with Tetra FX250 which is a Broad Spectrum SPF 45 that combines four levels of protection, but its so much more that just a sunscreen! I always try to go for a mineral sunscreen as my skin is sensitive. It comes out quite a strong white colour but once I’ve massaged it in its does adapt and give a lovely finish (you can see it massage in on the back on my hand). With Infrared, SPF, DNA
Enzyme and Antioxidant Complex it protects against blue light, free radicals, pollutants and the sun’s
radiation. Since I loved this one so much I decided to also have a little try of the tinted version Tetra FX251 Colour Guide and its just as lovely and for me I really like the fact it has that bit of colour to give a more even appearance.”

In summary these products have been my favourite regime I’ve ever tried! I feel like PRIORI’s products were designed for my skin and I can’t wait to try more..  

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