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Essential Wedding Skincare Tips To Get That Radiant Bridal Glow

15th May, 2019 by Andrea

Every bride-to-be wants to look perfect on her wedding day!

A big part of that is about the preparation. By looking after your skin and getting your bridal skincare routine sorted, you are guaranteed to glow on your wedding day. 

Here is how we can help…

– Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin – the longer you have to correct any skin issues, the better as sometimes the skin gets worse before it gets better!

–  No time to waste – Choose Advanced skin care as you want to make sure you are using professional skincare products that really work.

–  Get the right advice – start targeting your skincare regime with the right products to address your specific skincare problems, with help from a skincare professional.

– It is important to use products that contain AHA’s (exfoliating acids) as they will help to remove dead skin cells which tend to build up and leave our complexions looking dull and lifeless.

Removing this dead layer will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

–  Choose collagen boosting products that contain peptides, growth factors, vitamin C and retinol to help revive and renew your complexion.

– Don’t try any new products up to three weeks before your wedding – this includes skincare, hair care, make-up, and even washing powder!

With any kind of a reaction, it could take a couple of weeks to calm down, which is the last thing you need before your big day.

– A course of bespoke  facial treatments doesn’t have to involve going to a salon – try our award winning Dermatx Microdermabrasion System to give you salon like results, then follow with a hydrating mask.

– The perfect pout for your big day – Make sure your lips are in good condition by exfoliating away any dead skin on your lips with MENE & MOY lip peel.

– A week or two before the big day, start exfoliating your body to remove any rough and bumpy skin in preparation for your spray tan.


– You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and that includes your hands and feet.


Lastly always remember your sun protection SPF products – don’t ruin all that had work by not protecting your radiant healthy complexion by ending up looking like a lobster!

Welcome to the Dermacare Direct skincare blog…   Here you can gain an insight into professional skincare regimes, products & devices. Andrea and her team of experts provide practical advice and professional tips on a range of skincare issues – ageing, acne, scars, troubled skin & many more interesting topics about your skin

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