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ALHYDRAN Medical Aftercare for the skin – New Products

16th April, 2019 by Kate Daniel

ALHYDRAN – Medical aftercare for the skin

ALHYDRAN Scar Cream penetrates deeply into the skin and restores from within. With high-quality ingredients, such as fresh Aloe Vera gel, to ensure long-lasting moisture regulation and skin hydration.

Skin complaints diminish and scars are prevented or reduced with ALHYDRAN. ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness is scientifically proven. is widely
Recommended by doctors and used in burn centres and hospitals.

Medical aftercare for skin problems such as:

Scarring – ALHYDRAN repairs and improves scar tissue on both old and new scars.
Burn wound – ALHYDRAN repairs the skin, makes it more supple and reduces itching.
Radiation – ALHYDRAN relieves and speeds up repair of skin problems caused by radiotherapy.
Dry skin – ALHYDRAN cares for red and dry skin. It protects and hydrates the skin.
Laser treatment – ALHYDRAN cares for skin that is red and delicate following laser treatment.
Itching – ALHYDRAN cools and calms the skin. It rapidly reduces itching and irritation.

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