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The Amazing Benefits of Exfoliation + Which one to choose?

8th March, 2019 by Kate Daniel

An exfoliant aids to restore the natural process of skin turnover.

In gently removing dead skin cells it can unclog pores helping to prevent breakouts,  encourage collagen production and rehydrate the skin resulting in healthy rejuvenated skin.

– Minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

– Improving skintone and texture

– Increasing hydration

–  de-clogging, refining and reducing enlarged pores

Which Exfoliate?

All exfoliates whether it’s a AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Glycolic acid, Lactic Acid), PHA – Polyhydroxy acids ( gluconolactone lactobionic acid) or a  BHA- Beta-Hydroxy Acid (salicylic acid) help reduce wrinkles, pores, improve skin tone & texture by stimulating the production of collagen.

Exfoliating acids are a common additive to numerous skin care products including moisturisers, cleanser, toners, peels, and masks.

Glycolic Acid (AHA):

Recommended for:

Sun damaged skin

– Ageing skin


– Removes dead skin cells on the skin’s surface

– Improves skintone & texture

Lactic Acid (AHA):

Recommended for:

– Dry skin types

– Sensitive Skin types (cannot tolerate glycolic acid)


– Increases skin hydration

–  Improve skintone and reduced pore appearance

Polyhydroxy acids (PHA)

Recommended for:

Ezcema or dry skin condition

– Rosacea-prone skin

– Sensitive skin


–  Gentler on the skin & less irritating

– helps strengthen skin barrier function

–  Antioxidant properties 

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Recommended for:

–  Oily skin
–  Acne and breakouts

– Enlarged pores

–  Acne Rosacea-prone skin


– Removes dead skin cells on the surface and in the pores
– Fights breakouts, Milia and enlarged pores
– Anti-inflammatory properties

Do’s & Don’t of using an exfoliate:

– Increase % slowly start low and work up

– Trial with different strengths of exfoliates to see which concentration gives you the best results

– Don’t introduce all exfoliating products at once

– Don’t use around the eye area or to remove make-up

– Make sure you are applying sunscreen daily

Caution: When you initially start using exfoliating products you can experience breakouts, flaking and tinglying.

If you’re still a bit confused about which exfoliant to choose, contact our advice team for help


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