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Cult51 – New Products

5th March, 2019 by Kate Daniel

CULT51 is an independent British beauty brand that offers a capsule collection of highly advanced skincare products. With years of know-how in the beauty industry and an insatiable appetite for discovering new technology and formulations that really work. There innovative range of clinically proven products are based on science, but work like magic, so customers can trust us to keep our promises.

There founder, Richard Mears, has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, working with global brands to create some of the best-selling beauty products on the market. If you’ve ever tried a skincare product that contains bee venom, snake serum or stem cell technology, Richard probably helped develop it.

A few years ago, Richard was challenged to develop an all-in-one skincare cream that combined the latest technology and the highest quality anti-ageing ingredients.  The result? CULT51 Night Cream.

It took the beauty world by storm and gained exceptional results in independent clinical tests.

Discover the range..

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