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EVY Daily Repair – New Product

14th January, 2019 by Kate Daniel

EVY Daily Repair Mousse: a non-spf product that showcases multifunctional, patented base technology.

Medical technology formula mimics and enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier therefore giving effective and long-lasting protection, that remains despite washing and other stresses.

This advanced formulation provides protection against skin irritants and prevents contact allergy, dry skin and eczema.

It helps the skin maintain its moisture and moisturises intensively. The product is suitable for those who frequently expose the body to water, cleansing or other irritating substances. But this multifunctional product suits everything from dry hands and children’s nappy areas, to nurturing more severe skin problems.

The mild formula also works after shaving and in the scalp and is ideal for soothing and protecting the skin after powerful facial treatments such as microneedling, chemical peeling or laser.

-Intensely hydrating for even the driest of skin, including those with eczema and contact allergy 
-perfect as a barrier against external and environmental stressors such cold winter weather, chemicals and latex
-post laser, microneedling, chemical peels to soothe and protect
-suitable for babies with nappy rash
-can even be used on dry feet and elbows 
And like all of our range, non sticky, easily absorbed, no clogged pores.

Without preservatives and perfumes in hygienic bacteria-safe packaging.

Allergy Tested.

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