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How Does Nurse Andrea Spend A Day At The Beach

17th August, 2018 by Kate Daniel

As a Dermatology nurse, I have seen plenty of skin cancers in my time. So yes it does make me more aware of sun safety and concerned about the potential risks if skin is not protected properly.

That is not to say I hide away from the sun because I lived in sunny Marbella for a long time, and now that I have kids they just want to play in the sand all day while on holiday.
The first thing we do as a family is put sunscreen on at home before we even get to the beach.
I find it much easier to apply it before leaving as it’s far less messy than applying it on a sandy, windy beach! It is advisable to wear sunscreen about half an hour before any sun exposure anyway.

We use a facial sunscreen, Heliocare 360 Oil Free, and then a water-resistant body sunscreen, Heliocare Body Spray. Both are SPF50 and offer broad spectrum protection.
I find that a body spray is much easier when applying it on children.  
I also make sure that my youngest son wears a rash top for added protection and both boys wear their caps.
You will always find me on the beach wearing a very large brim hat & sun glasses!
On my lips, I use the Hydropeptide
Lip Shield.
As I suffer with pigmentation on my forehead, on holiday I also tend to take Heliocare 360 capsules to help prevent my pigmentation getting worse because of the sun.
We do try and avoid the Midday sun and tend to venture out after 3pm to the beach.
Sunscreen is re-applied every two to three hours, and we also make sure that we drink plenty of water on the beach.
Another favourite product of mine to take away is Tan Cream. I like to apply this in the morning or in the evening when I am not going to the beach.
I can honestly say both my boys have  never been sun burnt, but I still see so many adults and even kids with sun burn on a regular basis, which to me is scary.

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