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Kate’s Product Review – Daily Tan Activator

24th May, 2018 by Kate Daniel

EVY – Daily Tan Activator

EVY’s Daily Tan Activator accelerates, deepens and prolongs your tan

whilst giving 24-hour hydration for the skin.

It’s Mousse application uses the same patented skincare technology as their sunscreen range, meaning the product is absorbed into the entire top skin layer.

It includes Dihydroxy Methychromonyl Palmitate, an ingredient that stimulates the production of your own melanin, this effect takes about a week to be visable because it is based on the skins ability to produce melanin.

Melanin is what gives your skin it’s tanned appearance when exposed to the sun, except Evy Daily Tan Activator stimulates this without the need for UV exposure!

It can also help prolong your current tan by the continuing stimulation of melanin production.

Kate’s Review:

With all this gorgeous weather the thought of short sleeves and trousers was so daunting!

So I decided to give the new Daily Tan Activator from EVY a try to give my skin a bit of colour. I have always protected my skin from the sun, however if I do catch it I tend to just go red, so I’d love a little colour for once!

The Daily Tan Activator is not just another tanning product as I first thought..

It works by activating the Melanin production to encourage you to naturally colour and will help prolong the tan too!

They still advise using your sunscreen alongside it and strengthens the skins natural barrier.

As it also protects your skin against irritating and dehydrating factors such as sun, salt and chlorinated water – ideal for on holiday!

Being a mousse texture the application was really nice as its lightweight, non-sticky and is immediately absorbed into the epidermis meaning you don’t have to wait for it to dry.

Initially I didn’t think much to it as I wasn’t seeing much colour and it did say it can’t work miracles for very pale skin types..

HOWEVER.. that was only the first week and a half of using it and now after nearly three weeks the results from using it are that 

I have certainly gained a lot more colour in the last two weeks which is very natural and I haven’t sunburnt whatsoever!

My before & afters!

Super happy I’ve got some colour now without having to use any fake tan plus its lasting really well 🙂 

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