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Fillerina Lip Volume – Product Review

15th February, 2018 by Andrea

Fillerina Lip Volume – Product Review by Emily

Lips are a huge thing these days with people desiring fullness, turgor and definition.

Fillerinas Lip Volume formulation combines different quantities of the 6 hyaluronic acid molecules with different molecular weights to fit the thin lip skin, thus assuring a high level of absorption and the subsequent lip filling

Emily says:

 Fortunately I was naturally gifted with a full pout – thanks to my wonderful parents! However I strive to keep my lips looking luscious and as plump as I can and as I get older, that youthful plumpness will slowly decrease.

Lip injections & surgeries are not for everyone and something that I personally wouldn’t want but was looking for an alternative to keep my lips looking there best. 

The Fillerina is clinically proven to offer plumping and hydrating of the skin and to add temporary volume to required areas so I was super excited to try it!

I’ve suffered for many years with dry and cracked lips ALL year round until I tried this – the Fillerina Lip Volume Grade 3.

It’s a great little pocket tool for on the go to keep your lips hydrated and plump.

I found it to be the most easy lip applicator I have used in a long long time and I would definitely not leave the house without it now.

The texture is not to thick and absorbs instantly, still leaving a glossy cover which is perfect for a natural day time look especially if you’re not a ‘lipstick’ kind of girl.”


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