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SESDERMA – SESKAVEL Glycolic Shampoo – My Product Review

9th May, 2016 by Andrea

Well not my product review, but Kate our Aesthetic Practitioner and Clinic Manager.



I always exfoliate my skin so why have I never exfoliated my scalp?


My hair is curly so to tame it I often use heavy conditioners and serums to calm it down but one thing I have noticed is my scalp builds up with all the products I use. Along with the build up of greasy products, I often feel like my scalp can get a little dry and itchy.


To begin I applied the shampoo directly to my scalp and left for 2 minutes as it advises. It has a pleasant smell and I applied it directly to the roots and scalp then worked it into the rest of my hair lathering it up. It contains Glycolic acid to give a peeling effect accelerating the scalps natural turnover. Near the end of the two minutes I rinsed it out and my hair felt really clean and scalp felt cool and soothed. After use my hair feels really refreshed, but I could see its starting to clear my scalp so there’s a little flaking. I also like the fact it has Vitamin E in there to make my hair shiny and  soft. I’ve continued using this and after a few applications the hair follicles  really feel declogged and my hair feels invigorated!


For those that have really oily hair I would really recommend it as you would probably use it all over. Due to mine getting a little dry I  really focus it more to the scalp which works perfect!

Thanks Kate!

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