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Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime – My Product Review

11th December, 2015 by Andrea

JAN MARINI Age Intervention® Prime Face Primer Achieve an Immediate “Airbrushed” Effect Plus Skin Rejuvenation Benefits


Age Intervention Prime is a new innovation in the facial primer category that is unlike anything on the market. It gives an immediate “airbrushed” effect while at the same time providing remarkable skin rejuvenation benefits that are simply amazing. Newly developed topical agents target elasticity, skin volume, inflammation, and wrinkling in an innovative and proprietary formula with extraordinary results. Instantly perfecting the skin’s appearance and providing a radiant, plumped and refined surface. 


This is definitely not your standard silicone-enriched primer, as it contains anti-ageing peptides, antioxidants and hydrating sodium hyaluronate. 

Although the product carries a higher price tag, you are paying for the benefits this product brings.

I absolutely love this primer !

You may know that I am not really a make-up wearing girl!

I only started wearing make-up when I hit forty. That’s if you could call it that; tinted sunscreen followed by mineral brush foundation, mascara and lip stick. That’s all I use!!

The Jan Marini Primer definitely smoothes out the texture of my complexion and provides a wonderful base that extends the wearability of my make-up. 



It has a very smooth and silky gel like consistency that glides onto my skin without any residue or tackiness, and is fragrance free. It really does give my skin a dewy and flawless look!

This is an excellent primer to consider because it goes far beyond what standard primers do. It is fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types.

Now I understand why it is so popular with TV presenters in the States and why they call it an ‘airbrushed effect’!!

You really have to try it for yourselves.

Throughout December we are giving away a free primer with every Jan Marini Regeneration Booster face lotion.









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