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DermaTx sonic vibrating cleansing tool – My product review

22nd May, 2015 by Andrea

What Are The Benefits of a Sonic Cleaning Brush?


A few weeks ago I reviewed the DermaTx Brightening System, the twice-weekly microdermabrasion treatment.

This time I wanted to review the cleansing treatment (brush attachment) which is included with the Dermatx systems.

Who needs a Clarisonic!

Sonic skin cleansing systems are recommended and used by leading dermatologists, aestheticians and luxury spas around the world. And they are becoming more and more popular at home for daily cleansing.

I do see a need to cleanse your skin properly with all the pollutants, oil and bacteria that accumulates on the skin, causing clogged pores and blackheads, blemishes and dullness. Also important is the way that sonic cleansing prepares your skin well to enable better penetration of your skincare products.

So what are the benefits?

Improvement in ….
– Fine Lines & Wrinkles
– Enlarged Pores & Excess Oil
– Rough Surface, Uneven Texture
– Dullness, Lack of Radiance
– Acne-Prone, Frequent Blemishes
– Loss of Firmness & Elasticity

Here is some evidence:

Advantages of powered implements for facial cleansing compared to manual cleansing.
P&G (Proctor and Gamble) has done one of the most comprehensive studies on facial cleansing brushes. They measured 4 parameters comparing brush cleansing to manual cleansing.

The P&G study also compared rotating and oscillating brush heads and found that “Rotating and Oscillating implements had parity cleansing results regardless of cleanser.”

Make-Up Removal

Objective: Evaluate cleansing efficacy of the cleansing implements compared to manual cleansing.

Results showed rotating and oscillating brushes cleaned better than hands alone. No significant difference between the brushes.

Stratum Corneum Exfoliation

Objective: Measure stratum corneum exfoliation of the cleansing implements via DHA exfoliation over four treatments.

Results showed both brushes exfoliated better than manual cleansing alone. The rotating and oscillating implements had the same exfoliation.

Stratum Corneum Hydration

Objective: Evaluate effects of cleansing to skin hydration when a topical moisturiser is applied after use. This test just compared their brush to manual cleansing. Clarisonic was NOT tested. (Oscillating)

Results showed the rotating brush provided better hydration than the cleanser alone, assuming a moisturiser was applied immediately after cleansing.

Cleansing Effects on Facial Bacteria Population

Objective: Evaluate effects of a facial cleansing implement to facial bacterial populations, tested on women with acne.

Results showed use of the rotating brush decreased bacterial population.

So to conclude, cleansing tools, whether rotating or oscillating are superior to manual cleansing.

I am a real fan of sonic cleansing and for most skin types I believe they are effective, but I would say advise the very sensitive & rosacea skin types to be cautious. Pay attention to how your skin responds and discontinue (or reduce frequency of) use if you see any signs of irritation.

I think the Dermatx dual 2-in1 Cleanse and Exfoliate system – daily cleansing & twice weekly microdermabrasion treatments – is a fantastic skin preparation treatment to use alongside your daily skincare regime.


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