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NEW Heliocare 360 – My Product Review

22nd May, 2014 by Andrea

Heliocare have created a new line beyond sunscreens!


Heliocare have found a way to pack even more antioxidants into their products! Antioxidants can help to prevent and repair damage to skin tissue. Antioxidants do this by slowing or preventing the effect of free radicals, which start oxidation – a process that causes damage from oxygen that can lead to cell dysfunction.

Well my family and I have been testing the new Heliocare 360° sunscreens that were only just released last weekend.
Heliocare 360° takes essential anti-ageing protection and prevention to the next level as it provides complete 360 degree protection – prevention, repair and care.

Heliocare 360° is a new and unique way of protecting our skin against the complete spectrum of everyday sun derived radiation namely UV, visible light and infrared radiation, and preventing the resulting skin ageing and oxidative and DNA damage these can cause.
Maximises photoimmunoprotection action and provides the skin with the widest coverage against all radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared-A). Also neutralises free radicals through Fernblock© FC (enriched with ferulic and caffeic acid), Vitamin C + E and green tea superantioxidante complex and repairs DNA damage by peroxisome. Finally Heliocare 360° is formulated with high dosage IFC technology for excellent dispersion filters, ensuring maximum protection.
What more do you want from sunscreen!!!

Heliocare 360° offers two formats: the Fluid Cream and Airgel.

Heliocare 360° Airgel textured gel is the only air type on the market.
Extremely light texture and quick absorption. Leaves no white residue.
The application is a joy as the mousse inflates and quickly deflates, but once applied all over it melts quickly into the skin, forming a protective film which is completely transparent. Compatible with any makeup.
There isn’t really an overpowering smell to it, although some people have said it smells a bit peachy.
The Airgel mousse was a real winner with my 8 year old!
I would suggest that the mousse would be better for normal, oily or combination skin types and the Fluid Cream for normal to drier skin types. As we have not used all the tester products up yet, I cannot comment on how long the mousse would last compared to the Fluid cream, but will do so in due course.


Heliocare Cream 360° Fluid Cream offers the softness of a cream with the finish of a gel that melts into the skin. My skin felt very smooth and hydrated after application. I did like the smooth dispensing nozzle for easy application.
I would say that it may not be suitable for darker skin tones due to the creamy texture as my husband did struggle to rub it in and ended up looking like a corpse! It may just be him though!


Both sunscreens are paraben free, non comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

I love the new range of Heliocare 360° sunscreens – not only has it gone beyond all types of normal protection & prevention, but also the fact that it offers very high protection (SPF50+) is great too.
The only problem is that I cannot choose between them!
You have got to try Heliocare 360°.

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