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Tips on choosing your dermaroller

10th February, 2014 by Andrea

Stay clear of cheap Far Eastern imports if you don’t want needles left in your face!

Using such low grade or cheap rollers carries a lot of risk, as the needles may rust quickly, and may even break and rupture your skin.

Make your purchase only from reputable online retailers.

Make sure that the brand of the roller is also reputable.


Make sure you purchase a roller with the correct needle length.
Generally, the longer the needle length, the more penetrating and the deeper the microneedling treatment will be. For beginners, we recommend a needle length of 0.3mm.
If you have delicate or sensitive skin, then start with a 0.2mm roller. DO NOT use rollers with a length greater than 0.5mm as these are only used in clinic treatments by qualified doctors.
0.2/0.3mm – for increased absorption of skin care products and overall improvement of skin tone and texture (rejuvenation).
0.5mm – for wrinkles, first signs of ageing, mild acne scarring and thinning hair.

For better results with the home use needles you will need to use certain products with the roller.
Some of the best ingredients to use with a dermaroller are collagen stimulating ones like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Peptides, and Growth Factors.
Product choice will be depend on your skin type or skin needs.

Make sure you sterilise your needle before every use and store it in the case after use. Don’t share your roller with anyone.

Do not roller on infected or diseased skin such as active acne, herpes, blood clotting problems, poor healing, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, wounds, moles. etc.

A dermaroller can be used on all areas of skin, except for the eyelids. Be extra careful around the eyes.

Please make sure you are applying sunscreen every morning.

For more information about dermarollering please click here or you can email or phone me.

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