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My Review – ATOPICLAIR a medical skincare range

18th January, 2013 by Andrea

My Review – ATOPICLAIR a non-steroidal medical skincare range for the treatment of dermatitis

Atopiclair is a non-steroidal, skin-barrier repair cream used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, eczema, and allergic contact dermatitis.

It helps to reduce the itching and scratching associated with these conditions. It can be used on all areas of skin, and is even mild enough for the face.

Regular use of Atopiclair may reduce the need to use topical corticosteroids.


The cream is based on hyaluronic acid, telmesteine, Vitis vinifera, and glycyrrhetinic acid.
However, none of these ingredients are classified as drugs. In fact, there are no drugs active in Atopiclair at all, making it a totally natural treatment!

•Calm: Glycyrrhetinic acid soothes common symptoms of eczema such as itching, burning, redness and pain.

•Repair: Powerful moisturising components like hyaluronic acid and shea butter restores the skin barrier with hydration and key physiologic lipids.

•Protect: Anti-oxidants such as Vitis vinifera, Telmesteine and vitamin C & E protect the skin against future flares.


•Apply 2 to 3 times a day (or as needed)

•There is no restriction on how long Atopiclair can be used

•Atopiclair can be used with other topical medicines

For optimum results, use Atopiclair™ Cream for flare-ups and irritation. During remission periods, or when the skin is less inflamed, Atopiclair™ Lotion can be used for maintenance therapy to keep recurring flares under control. Atopiclair™ Lotion is ideal for general application on babies too.


My son occasionally suffers from eczema from time to time. I used to use a typical hydrocortisone based cream to clear it up, but I started to use Atopiclair as I was keen to try a non-steroidal cream.

I find the Atopiclair to be very calming as it soothed the itching quickly. I also found that I did not need to use an additional moisturiser over the top, as I had to after using steroid based creams.

Atopiclair is the only product that has been clinically tested and proven to be safe on babies and children, while showing great results in both babies and adults.

It is a treatment of choice for eczema and extremely popular with many dermatologists who recommend it for treating such conditions, so I imagine it must be good!.

It is also approved by the FDA as a medical device.

I am extremely pleased with the results shown on my son, and would definitely recommend this product to others who are looking for a new treatment option for similar skin conditions.


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