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My Product Review – BRUSH ON BLOCK

12th October, 2012 by Andrea

BRUSH ON BLOCK – SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen by Susan Posnick

If there is one thing that I swear by daily, it’s sunscreen.
There is now a new way to apply sunscreen and that’s just to brush it on. What a great concept!
Have you tried applying sunscreen to your kids?
They won’t dread this new brush-on because it doesn’t sting the eyes or stain their clothes!

Brush On Block is easy to use, just like the make-up brushes which contain powder in the dispensing holder – it works using the same principle.
Brush on Block contains powdered SPF 30 sunscreen made from natural minerals and herbal extracts such as Tea Leaf Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Honeysuckle.
Application is simple: Simply twist open and brush it on your face, body and wherever else it is needed.
The powder is so invisible that you won’t see it on your face, although some tiny specks of powder can be seen on the brush when applying.

This product is very convenient as it is compact, travel friendly and fits nicely in your handbag!

Brush On Block is safe to use on children 6 months and older. Kids, teens, adults, male or female, can easily apply the protection they need to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the skin.

Some of the many Benefits:
– No greasy mess & no streaks
– Sweat and water resistant
– No Chemical sunscreen Ingredients
– Doesn’t sting eyes
– Goes on over or under make-up
– Non-irritating and won’t cause breakouts

With average use, Brush On Block will last for around three to four months.

If you don’t like the way conventional sunscreen is applied (creams, lotions or sprays), you will love the Brush On Block.

I personally do not use it often as I prefer using a tinted sunscreen/moisturiser in the morning for coverage, but it is great for kids and for those men that don’t wear sunscreen.
I would imagine it’s great for men with bald spots too!


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