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Medik8 Growth Factor Serum

11th May, 2012 by Andrea

Medik8 Growth Factor Serum with Youth Activating Complex, Triple-filtered Synthetic EGF Professional Strength

Restore skin smoothness, radiance and luminosity. For a younger looking skin in only 6 weeks!

Growth Factors are particularly useful at reversing the signs of ageing. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors) have been proven to increase the number of epidermal cells and the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to smooth lines and wrinkles, increase skin tone and refine skin texture. Medik8 uses a triple-filtration method, to guarantee high activity, purity and safety profile, and a liposome delivery system for a better penetration.

•Youth activating anti ageing complex
•Activates cell renewal
•Increases epidermal cell proliferation
•Stimulates the growth of fibroblast cells (responsible for collagen and elastin production)
•Inhibits and prevents cellular breakdown
•Helps the natural wound healing process
•Minimises signs of ageing such fine lines and wrinkles
•Refines Skin texture
•Add radiance to the skin

Growth Factor Youth Activating Serum has been formulated for twice daily application to the face as part of Medik8 protocol:
1. Cleanse – Use Medik8 Cleansers AM & PM
2. Prevent – Use Medik8 Antioxidants AM only
3. Correct – medik8 growth factor serum AM & PM
4. Hydrate – Use Medik8 Moisturisers AM & PM

Apply 5/6 drops directly to the skin and blend evenly across the whole facial area (avoiding the eyes) and to the neck and decolleté. Leave it to absorb and follow with the application of other Medik8 Correct products as directed by your skincare professional.

This product can and should be incorporated within your Microneedle routine.To penetrate the highly active serum deeper within the skin, increasing the effectiveness of the Growth Factor Serum and also increasing the level of collagen synthesis as the roller also stimulates the skins natural healing response.

Roller should be used at night. Use 2-3 times a week
2. apply medik8 growth factor serum
3.use roller
4. If required apply retinol product then follow with moisturiser or just follow with moisturiser

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