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Dermacare Direct Winter 2010 Newsletter

17th December, 2010 by Andrea

Winter is definitely here with all the snow we have had!

Keeping you up to date with new products, ranges & special offers on our website
I will throw in some of my Winter skincare tips as well!

What’s New?

Well, over the past few months I’ve been busy adding more exciting Cosmeceuticals brands to our website. You may have noticed recently that we are now stocking the popular Neostrata

This affordable, clinically proven skincare range contains various concentrations of AHA and PHA ingredients as well as added antioxidants, thereby providing repair and prevention ingredients for all skin types & conditions. They encourage the skin to shed its dead cell surface (exfoliation), resulting in healthier, smoother, clearer, more radiant skin. The antioxidant properties provide help with repairing past damage as well as helping to prevent future skin damage.

A very popular range from the States is called Neova by Procyte. Skinmedica is known for their Serious skin cell therapy – growth factor technology. Well Neova is known as the Next Generation in Anti-Ageing Skin Care. Procyte is the first clinical skin care company to bring real innovation to the photo ageing category by introducing Copper Peptide Complex technology products. These award-winning formulae target photo-damaged skin, to prevent and treat the signs of ageing. Clinical studies have demonstrated the many benefits of GHK Copper Peptide Complex including decreased skin blotchiness, decreased fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in skin firmness and tone – all without irritation!

I have been looking to add some new home-use medical light devices for some time, so I am happy to be able to now offer you the Tanda , a very popular FDA approved medical light device from the States. Not only do they offer a red light device and a blue light device, but an additional head for the system can also be purchased, so that acne can be treated with the blue light, and then followed with the red light to help with healing, skin tone and scars .
Only available at Dermacare Direct & Harvey Nichols.

Also keep an eye out as we are going to start stocking the Omnilux Clear U handheld device, which is the blue light acne treatment to complement the amazing Omnilux New U rejuvenation device.
Omnilux professional machines are being used in most cosmetic clinics around the world treating a wide range of dermatological conditions including acne, photodamage, non-melanoma skin cancers, skin rejuvenation, vitiligo and wound healing post elective surgery. Both the Omnilux New U and the Clear U handheld devices use the same LED technology in a small, convenient home-use package.

Our silicone non-prescription scar products have become very popular on the site, so we have added another range called Scarease. It comes in the form of a gel and sheets of various sizes. Hopefully, in the new year we will be expanding our medical range of products. So look out for those.


Age Intervention cleanser
– A mild cleanser for all skin types, especially sensitive. An ideal eye makeup remover and for post procedure.

Age Intervention circle eye defense
– this product addresses the multiple causes of under-eye circles that is a concern for many of you – dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles & pigmentation. They come in capsules, so you can’t be applying too much or too little. Apply one capsule daily to both eyes.
We are offering a special introductory offer on both products, only for a short time, so order now!


It’s great to see medik8 extend their range for oily/acne skin types.

A much needed antioxidant serum for oily/acne skin is the Medik8 blue aox serum. It’s a 100% oil-free, advanced and stable antioxidant system to prevent the signs of premature ageing resulting from free radical damage.

Medik8 Anti-acne kit – A dual treatment kit to target acne. It contains the beta correct products betaGel™ and betaRecovery™. These work in unison on problem areas and individual blemishes to speed up healing and reduce inflammation. betaGel™ is formulated to fight spots fast while reducing redness. This powerful yet lightweight gel can be applied invisibly underneath and over make-up. betaRecovery™ is an intensive overnight treatment, drawing toxins from the skin and neutralising bacteria to ensure a rapid recovery from unwanted breakouts. Ideal for skin emergencies!
Soon to be launched from the beta range is the Medik8 hydr8 beta moisturiser.

Here are my Winter Skincare Tips:

In the cold weather our skin needs a little extra nourishment. The dramatic changes in temperature from the contrast of cold weather and central heating will not only cause confusion but can irritate the skin. The harsh winds and cold spells that come with winter can strip away your skins moisture levels leaving it feeling tight and dry. Not to mention the annual outbreaks of colds and illnesses that can cause a dull, grey appearance.

Exfoliate face & body – Depending on how oily or dry your face is, a good body scrub and facial exfoliant can help remove dead skin cells that might otherwise dull your complexion.
Add this to your cleansing routine once a week. Not only will you feel fresh, but your skin will be free from all those old dry cells.

Now you’re ready to moisturise! – A lotion that contains glycerin, aloe, and vitamin E: Glycerin and vitamin E help to lock in moisture, and aloe helps to calm and soothe. It also stimulates circulation and helps rid toxins from the skin. A popular corrective and moisturising product is Skinceuticals Face Balm.
If you don’t want to change your moisturiser to a richer one, try adding a Hydrating B5 gel / Serum. You need to layer your skin care just as you layer your clothes. A hydrating serum used underneath your moisturiser will penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing the bottom layer of cells so when they come to the surface they will be hydrated, plumper and brighter.

The skin around your eye is 40 per cent thinner than the rest of your face, so it’s important to get a really good eye product.

Don’t forget your body – using a body lotion with AHA’s will gently exfoliate to rejuvenate, leaving the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Try the luxuriously silky Priori Advanced AHA Hand and Body Revitalising Lotion.

Drink plenty of water – Water is a vital element for our body, especially for our skin. Deprived of water, the skin dries, turns red, becomes rougher, ages more rapidly, and is not able to face the external aggressions.

And remember water topically can have a drying effect on your epidermis. In fact, the more water that hits your skin, the more it breaks down the complex layer of naturally occurring lipids between and on top of your skin cells. Overbathing or overshowering will make dry skin even drier, so don’t take hours soaking in the bath, and make sure you moisturise immediately afterwards.

Protect – Don’t say goodbye to your sunscreen just because summer is over. Before you leave your house, apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more. UV rays that can cause lines and wrinkles are in the atmosphere 365 days of the year. So if you are concerned about premature ageing, invest in a moisturiser that contains sunscreens or UV filters.
Don’t forget to protect your lips too, using lip balms, as this is a very fragile area. A great lip product for definition & repair is the Jan Marini C-esta Lips.

You can help your skin by using good quality skincare products, but you have to support this from the inside as well.
So a diet of fruit & vegetables full of antioxidants will help to protect the skin, prevent premature ageing, and help fight acne and wrinkles.

With Christmas Approaching….

If you are like me and hate all the Christmas shopping mayhem, why not do it online? It’ so much less stressful.
We have some fabulous travel & gift packs that would make a great gift for someone.
If you are unsure, you can give them a voucher instead. You simply can’t get it wrong!

What’s in store for Dermacare Direct in 2011 ?

Well you may see some big changes like an updated website!
It may look a lot different, but the content and categories won’t change.
There will also be new product ranges and lots more skincare information/articles. Don’t forget to check out my blog.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this newsletter.

Please continue to email me with your product and device feedback comments to
You know how difficult it is to decide on which products to buy, so if you have had great results from the products you have purchased please let me know.
We can put your comments on the website, and it will really help others.
The new site will also give you the opportunity to put your product feedback directly onto the site.

And remember,if you would like any advice please contact me
or call 0116 2593465.
Whether it’s your first time and you need advice on which products to buy, or want advice about adding more products into your regime or how to apply them,
please get in touch. That’s what I am here for – to ensure proper use of cosmeceutical products.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all the team at Dermacare Direct and remember: take care of your skin!

I would also like to thank all of our loyal and regular customers. We really do value your custom.

Warmest regards,


Cosmetic nurse practitioner

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