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Baby Quasar Plus Device

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An advanced, light treatment device for visibly rejuvenated skin.


Baby Quasar PLUS - Petite Wrinkle Defeating Power House
New Beauty – Beauty Choice Award


The award winning premium Baby Quasar PLUS and is the most advanced anti-wrinkle beauty tool available for home use. The Baby Quasar PLUS is cute, small and portable. Don’t, however, let the size fool you.

Your skin says a lot about you. Get younger looking skin with the Baby Quasar PLUS. You can target wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity with the most powerful home use light therapy tool available. The Baby Quasar’s four wavelengths of light penetrate deeply to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – the building blocks of young, healthy looking skin.

You lead a busy life, but you can spend a few minutes with your Quasar while watching TV or reading a book. Your skin will love the warm and soothing glow that leads to a more youthful look. After an eight week initial program, treat only occasionally to maintain benefits.

How to Use: Apply gently to the skin for three minutes in areas of concern; move the Baby Quasar PLUS slowly to evenly distribute the light. The Baby Quasar PLUS will turn off after three minutes.

For the best all-around skin care treatment, combine the Baby Quasar PLUS with the Quasar Baby Blue for both anti-aging and blemish control.
• Creates smoother skin by building collagen and elastin;
• Easy to use, only three minutes of light in each area of concern;
• Pain free, no side effects when used as recommended;
• Benefits last for months, with occasional touch up treatment;
• Combines well with topical products;
• Personal customer support;
• Lifetime warranty;
• Personal customer support.

• Four wavelengths of Amber, Red, and Infrared light to deeply penetrate;
• Breakthrough C-Factor pulse modulation technology to increase collagen in the skin;
• FDA cleared for home use;
• All medical grade aluminum construction;
• Made in the USA,

baby quasar plus kit 

Quasar Baby Quasar PLUS Kit Includes:
Baby Quasar PLUS
User manual
Power supply and UK adapter
Lens Cap to Protect LEDs and allow use by different persons;

- Always start with a clean, dry face
- plug it in and turn on your Baby Quasar PLUS
- Place the light gently against the skin (area to target) for 3 minutes
- After 3 minutes a soft tone will sound and your Baby Quasar PLUS will turn off
- Repeat until all areas have been treated
The Plus devices have an automatic shut off after every 3 minute cycle

The Quasar Plus uses 4 different wave lengths (amber, amber/red, red and infrared).  Because there are 4 different wave lengths, the amber LEDs will be appear dim, the red will be bright and the infrared will appear to be off (you cannot see infrared light with the naked eye) so not all of the LEDs should appear to be on.

Light Treatments with the Baby Quasar are recommended to be used 5 days per week, treating each area for 3 minutes. After 8 weeks, use as needed (1-2 times per week)

Results : may vary based on skin type and skin damage. The result is decrease in appearance of file lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and age spots. The skin will feel smoother and firmer and look younger.

Further information please click on the links below:
Baby Quasar Quick Guide
Baby Quasar plus manual
Quasar plus Specifications

WARNINGS:Consult with your physician prior to use of Baby Quasar light therapy if any of these conditions apply.
Steroid or Cortisone injections
Medication which may cause photosensitivity
Thyroid medication (may increases the uptake of iodine)