Will You Age Like Your Mother?

While you may have inherited Mum's gorgeous cheekbones, you might have been gifted with her varicose veins too!!

Several factors of signs of ageing such as dark circles, facial veins & age spots are related to our genes.

Don't worry - the good news is that we have the products to help.

 Pigmentation & age spots

If you're very fair skinned like your mother, any pigmentation is likely to be from UV damage in the form of age spots.

What you can do?

- Never skip your daily sunscreen

- Treat with a pigment lightening product

- Use a vitamin C serum every morning

- At night, use a Retinol product


Dark circles

The darkening of the pigment underneath the eyes can be caused by a number of environmental and biological factors. The reason for an individual’s dark circles may be that excessive pigmentation is simply genetic or hereditary.

What you can do?

-  Look out for eye products that contain Chromabright, Vitamin K, caffeine, Haloxyl, N-Hydroxysuccinimide and Chrysin

- Use mineral pigments for a concealing effect

- Apply SPF to defend against wrinkles or the overproduction of melanin that can make dark circles worse.



Redness, Rosacea & Facial Veins

If you have your mother's fair skin that burns easily or rarely tans there's a strong chance that like her, you'll also be prone to facial redness and thread veins.

Also you may flush when you eat spicy food or drink a glass of wine.

What you can do?

- A vitamin C serum has great anti-inflammatory effects

- Never skip your SPF as it helps minimise flare-ups caused by sun exposure

- Using a good moisturiser helps preserve and replenish the skin barrier

Look for a moisturising formula containing ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol all of which will help minimise symptoms of redness, stinging and dryness.




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