The Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream helps rebulid and repair damaged skin cells.

Jan Marini Skin Research presents a powerful anti-aging technology that combines two newly developed Pentapeptides with Thymosin beta-4, Transformation Growth Factor beta-1, and Vascular Growth Factor.

It provides hydration to the skin and helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing. As soon as you start using it your skin will transform and appear smoother and have a silky softness too.

Benefits of using Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream

  • • It's a fantastic moisturising base.
  • • It leaves the skin with a visibly smoother, silkier surface.
  • Formulation includes added anti-ageing agents such as beta-glucan 1.3, hyaluronic acid and our unique botanical hydrating complex.
  • Timed-release micronised delivery system.
  • Medical studies show enhanced wound healing as well as properties that appear to reverse and prevent many of the visible signs of ageing.
  • Results are rapid and dramatic.
  • Compatible with glycolic acid products, other topical medications and make-up.
  • Paraben-free.