SIGVARIS Healthy Legs

Do you have a tight schedule that involves either standing or walking or sitting for prolonged hours? Do you return home with tired, achy and swollen ankles? Do you have spider veins and varicose veins? You are not alone. You will be surprised to know that over millions of people from suffer from these symptoms. The probability of developing circulatory problems in your lower legs increases with weight, age, weight, pregnancy, hereditary factors, and overall health. Are you looking for a product that can provide you relief from the discomfort and pain associated with these problems? Then there is Sigvaris for you.

Wearing SIGVARIS graduated compression socks and hosiery is a simple, comfortable and fashionable way to be upbeat about your leg health. The Sigvaris offers graduated compression hosiery and socks for both men and women for effective relief from a range of common symptoms, including tired, aching legs, swollen feet, and ankles. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, travel, home or leisure, you will enjoy the benefits of wearing compression socks and hosiery. Graduated compression works by providing support and external pressure, highest at the ankles and gradually decreasing up the legs. SIGVARIS provides a life for legs through a complete range of comfortable, effective, and doable products. They are measured by your shoe size, height and weight, and are specially designed to provide controlled, graduated compression.

When to Use SIGVARIS Products?

Long Distance Travel

People who travel long distances often experience swollen ankles and feet because the blood flow in their veins has been compromised. In some cases, long-distance flights may also increase the risk of serious complications such as the vein thrombosis. So it’s important that you stretch and take short walks to promote blood circulation. Wearing SIGVARIS compression socks improves circulation and increases comfort during travel. It will also help make a huge difference in providing relief all day long.

Long Working Hours

A typical work day for an employee working at a garage is an 8-hour shift. He has to be on his feet all day. So in such circumstances, one experiences a feeling of heaviness in the legs and feet by the end of the day. It is because veins are responsible for transporting blood to back to hearts and lungs against gravity. Valves in veins prevent blood from flowing backward but at times the valves get damaged resulting in increased blood pressure in resulting in heaviness in the legs, swollen feet, varicose veins, and inflammation.  Wearing Sigvaris compression socks ease these symptoms and provide relief.


Pregnant women often experience a lot of pain and swelling in their legs. Some even notice spider and varicose veins. By wearing compressed stockings during pregnancy, you can reduce the discomfort in your lower legs and feet. You will experience instant relief from any discomfort throughout the day, reducing the chances of developing any future varicose veins.

How Does It Work

Sigvaris graduated compression works by providing support and pressure at the ankle, and it gradually decreases high up at the leg. It improves the flow of the blood to the heart giving you relief from aching and swollen legs.

The Sigvaris legs are available in a range of styles, colors, and fashions to choose from to compliment the lifestyle. They are measured by shoe size, height and weight.