Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne Light Therapy

If you are looking for a way to fight acne naturally and get healthier skin, try the Baby Clear Rayz acne light therapy device. This device makes use of LED light waves, both red and blue light to kill the bacteria that lives below the surface of the skin that leads to breakouts. This device is ideal for preventing and fighting mild to moderate acne.

This device features a cool ergonomic design to give you a sturdy grip. It is quite compact and measures only 2 inches high x 1 inches wide x 2 inches long.

It is completely safe to use this device on acne prone skin as it contains no harmful chemicals that might irritate sensitive skin. The fact that using this device is painless makes this a preferred choice of a lot of people. It comes with a complete instruction manual, travel pouch, and power cord to help you make most of the device.

The two-sided LED lights ensure fast healing of the skin problems. The red light reduces the inflamed areas by preventing the growth of new acne and healing the skin while blue light destroys the bacteria that results in inflammatory acne.

Benefits of Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne Light Therapy

  • Fight acne causing bacteria
  • Perfect for all skin tones and types
  • Reduces inflammation


  • Use red light for one day for 30 minutes and use blue light for 20 minutes every week. It is 100% natural and recommended by Dermatologists.
  • Use the device as per the instruction manual.  The red light has a 7.5-minute timer while the blue light has a 5-minute timer.  The device shuts off automatically indicating that it is time to treat the next area.
  • Red light accelerates the growth of healthy new skin cells. Push the button once and the red light will switch on. Place the device gently on the skin and move it in sweeping or slow circular motion. Treat the acne area for seven and half minutes till the tool emits the soft tone and shuts off completely. Switch on the device again and repeat the process till the complete area has been treated. It takes thirty minutes to treat the entire face.
  • Push the button twice and the blue light will switch on. Make sure that you move the tool slowly in the sweeping or slow circular motion. Cover the entire face and make sure that the treatment doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

This two-in-one tool is completely safe and helps in fighting acne without harsh chemicals or medical prescriptions. The device uses only natural light in specific wavelengths to ensure effective acne treatment.