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Top Skincare Tips To Prevent Acne

One of the worst nightmares for both boys and girls is to see acne or pimples? Right! The appearance of acne is an annoying situation where you might feel helpless. No matter whatever you do, they will not go easily and would leave a scar. Therefore, it is critical to take proper care of your skin to completely avoid the occurrence of acne. 

Here are some skin care tips if you have acne prone skin:

  1. 1.       Use the special formula

If you have acne prone skin, use special formulas containing Nicotinamide like Papulex oil-free cream. Nicotinamide strengthens the outermost layer of skin by reinforcing the bonds between cells and hence helps in skin tightening. This stabilization also has positive effects on reducing inflammation and redness.

The Papulex oil free cream can be used both day and night and helps control oil and skin blemishes. It contains moisturizers to protect the skin and keep it hydrated while the mattifying agents contribute in keeping the skin shine-free.

  1. 2.       Use products specific to your skin type

As you know, no two people can have the same skin. Therefore, the products that work best for your sister or friend might not yield the same results for you. It is important to use skin care products that are suitable for your skin type. People with acne prone skin must strictly use products which are made for acne prone and oily skin. Buy products that are non-comedogenic as they don’t clog the pores. Non-comedogenic products are super-light on your skin and allow your skin to breathe.

  1. 3.       Apply sunscreen

Irrespective of your skin type, use sunscreen religiously, especially when you step out of your house. Sun damage causes inflammation, so it is important to protect your skin by using a good sunscreen. Pick a sunscreen that has high SPF and gives you both moisturizing and mattifying effects.

  1. 4.       Choose oil-free products

It is vital to use oil free products which don't clog your pores that cause acne. While choosing makeup products, you can try powder products which will be light on your skin instead of going for creamy formulas.

  1. 5.       Opt for soap free products

You need to stay away from soap free products because they lead to skin irritation and dryness. Choose cleansers which have a soap-free formula. Cleansing the skin is essential, but never overdo it as it can result in drying of natural oils, and your skin tends to produce more oil to maintain the balance. Washing too much can also result in skin irritation if the products you use contain harsh ingredients. The best technique is to use a gentle and a water-soluble cleanser which doesn’t leave any residue on your skin after washing your face.

You can follow these skin care tips to have acne free and clear skin. Try these and let us know whether they worked for you through Facebook.