Blue Light  Therapy

Blue light is probably the best-known light therapy for acne treatment. Dermatologists have been using Acne Blue Light Treatment to minimize and eliminate outbreaks for over two decades.The FDA approved blue light therapy for treating acne in August 2002.
In contrast to other treatments, patients do not have to apply a cream to their skin and it's free from side effects. The technique simply relies on the interaction of the blue light with the infected skin. Blue light acne treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses light in the blue wavelength range of 405-420 nm to kill the Propionobacterium acnes or P. acnes bacteria in skin. 

The light causes the bacteria to die, which in turn shrivels the pimples, pustules, and cysts on your skin. Regular use of Blue Light Therapy also helps reduce the amount of oil and sebum on your skin, and has been proven to shrink the pore size in some individuals.

The wavelengths of light used are outside those that will cause damage to the skin. So there is no risk of sunburn, ageing of the skin, or the induction of skin cancer.


- Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples

- 100% natural and non-invasive

- Prevent breakouts

- Minimize scarring

- drug-free with no adverse side effects

- safe for all ages

- painless

- easily self-administered in your own home

- no down-time


Baby Quasar Baby Blue Device 


The Baby Blue is an FDA-cleared Class II medical tool. 

  • Uses blue (415-420nanometer wavelength) LED's
  • High Quality Anodized Aluminum
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Lifetime "No Questions" Warranty
Use daily basis for optimal results treat 4 section, 4 minutes each section – total treatment time 16 minutes. Some people use every other days with good results. Your treatment schedule may vary slightly due to skin type or skin condition.For best results, follow up with the Baby Quasar plus on alternating days.  


Combination Light Therapy (red & blue light)

Red-light therapy works using a similar method, but the red light is used for the purpose of speeding the process of skin recovery.
A combination of lights both attacked bacteria contributing to the acne, and promoted healing in the skin.
Both red and blue lights penetrate deep into the skin without causing harm to the dermis. People who suffer with acne can greatly benefit from a combination therapy of both red and blue light.  


Baby Quasar Power Pack Red & Blue Light Therapy Devices



Get powerful results with the Baby Quasar Power Pack, including both Baby Quasar PLUS and Baby Blue

Kit Includes:
• Baby Quasar Plus
A light based medical grade device that uses red and infrared light to help fight the signs of aging. Clinical research has shown that red and infrared light can be extremely effective in firming and toning the skin by boosting cellular activity and increasing blood flow and circulation. Using its proprietary SequePulse technology, the Baby Quasar gently pulses four wavelengths of light to stimulate the production of collagen, thereby diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and discoloration. 

• Baby Quasar Baby Blue 
Make acne sing the blues. Gorgeous, smoother, cleaner-looking skin is only a few minutes a day away. The Baby Blue light works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, P. Acne, and works well in treating inflammatory acne vulgaris that has not responded to other acne therapies. The P. Acne bacteria releases small molecules called Porphyrins. When Porphyrins are exposed to the Baby Blue's wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill bacteria.


- Thoroughly cleanse your face
- Simply move the Baby Quasar over each section of the face until the soft tone sounds. Use up to three times per week 
- Use the Baby Blue on days your are not treating with the Baby Quasar 

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne Light Therapy



Clear Rayz is a small, hand-held light source, equipped with both red and blue LED lights.
It is compact, easy to use and easy to clean.
And it works to clear up acne and prevent future outbreaks


Clear Rayz is a registered class II medical device for treating acne. Clear Rayz utilizes natural, safe, painless LED colored light waves. There are no harmful UV rays or irritating chemicals, just safe blue and red LED light. Research shows that blue LED light activates naturally occurring chemicals to combat the bacteria which are at the root of acne breakouts. Red LED light penetrates deep into the skin to combat the inflammation that accompanies the breakouts. The Clear Rayz is a small, double-sided, hand-held light source equipped with both red and blue LED lights. It is compact, easy to use and clean, and works to clear up acne


Cleanse the skin morning and evening with a exfoliating cleanser.

Use Clear Rayz 3 to 5 times a week, according to directions 

OMNILUX clear-U has been developed from an FDA cleared medical device that has been used by dermatologists worldwide for the successful treatment of acne. 

It’s safe, painless and effective.

The red light of Omnilux clear-U is absorbed by the mitochondria and stimulates intercellular energy for enhanced cell vitality, production of collagen and fibroblast stimulation for collagen synthesis. Omnilux clear-U’s blue light destroys the bacteria that cause acne. When used in combination with red light, it clears and rejuvenates the skin.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Safe, painless and effective, without damage to the skin
  • Destroys the bacteria responsible for acne
  • Stimulates healthy tissue growth
  • Decreases inflammation and pore size
  • Limits oil production in the future
  • Rids the skin of debris and dirt that clog pores and reduces the apparent size of pores
  • Accelerates healing of irritated skin, encourages cell turnover and promotes overall healthier skin
  • Provides intensive hydration, improves elasticity and enhances the skin’s rate of moisture reception
  • Repairs damage from the environment and improves the skin’s immune system
  • Clarifies and evens skin tone

Just two 20-minute treatments per week for four weeks (alternating blue and red light) gives you healthier and clearer skin.