How pollution damages your skin

The adverse affects of pollution on your skin include ageing, darkening the skin tone and can even cause skin cancer. The toxic gases that cause pollution, stick to the surface of your skin and those particles infiltrate deeper into the epidermis allowing inflammation and dehydration, which makes the skin lose its elasticity, firmness and effervescence.

How Jan Marini C-esta Face Serum helps repair the skin

Building up a strong resistance against the malice of pollution is the main agenda of the serum. Sunscreen alone is not enough to fight off the free radicals, UV rays of the sun and toxic gases. Teamed up with sunscreen, the serum doubles up its affects. Jan Marini C-ESTA serum is high in vitamin C that's really good for your skin as it builds strong immunity against possible damages to the skin thereby leaving it soft, supple and more youthful. This is not all; the serum even protects the skin from free radicals and strengthens the skin barrier response.

The recent spike of environmental pollution poses a great threat to your health as well as your skin. Sunscreen alone is not as impactful on the skin and you can mix the C-ESTA Face Serum with your regular sunscreen to maximise the effects. While a sunscreen only protects your skin from the harsh UV rays, the vitamin C content of the C-ESTA Face Serum gives your skin 98% guaranteed protection from environmental pollution, stress and early ageing. When your skin is damaged from inside, it's visible by its outer appearance. The serum helps repair the damaged skin and helps the skin barrier more responsive against environmental impurities, helps in reducing inflammation in the epidermis, re-hydrates your skin and lessens hyperpigmentation.

The serum promotes collagen production which helps delay wrinkles, patchy skin and fine lines. The blissful amalgam of vitamin-C, vitamin-A and Hyaluronic acid revamps your skin and makes you look younger. This serum is perfect for all skin types though results may vary a little.

How to apply

Ideally, the serum should be applied twice daily to get rapid results. Apply it straight after cleansing and it's recommended to apply a sunscreen all over the face and neck in the mornings.