The Different Home Use Derma Rollers to Choose

Are you looking for a skincare treatment that will give you a radiant and younger looking skin? Then you must try a derma roller. This procedure stimulates the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself naturally.  It helps in minimizing the appearance of mild acne scarring and fine lines. This process also improves the skin tone, texture and penetration of the skin care products for great results. Overall, it gives you a rejuvenated look.

As the small needles penetrate the skin, juices of growth factor are released. This, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Different Derma Roller Needles

There is a difference between the clinical derma roller needles and the home derma roller needles. The clinical needles are longer and range from 1.0mm to 3.0 mm and effective in treating stretch marks, cellulite, pigmentation, deep scarring and wrinkles. It might take up to four sessions after every six weeks for effective results. For best results, topical serums are also used. The home needles help in increasing the penetration of skin care products in the skin and improve skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. The most widely used types of home derma roller needles are:

  1. 0.2 mm micro derma needle which is advised for sensitive skin and the beginners. It improves the absorption of applied skin care products and gives you a younger looking skin. Also, it helps in scar and minor wrinkle removal and reducing dark circles and fine lines.
  2. 0.3 mm micro derma needle is suitable for normal skin times and helps in skin rejuvenation. It helps in treating blackheads, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, acne, scars, and blemishes.

You can use both of these needles twice or thrice a week. For best results it is recommended to use these needles with effective skin care products that have Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Growth Factors.

  1. The 0.5 mm is used for the tougher skin. You should use this needle only if you are comfortable with 0.33 mm needles.  This needle helps in reducing mild scarring, pores, pigmentation and early signs of aging. Remember to maintain a gap of four to six weeks between different sessions of this treatment.  

Always use good quality of skin care products as the effectiveness of the derma roller treatment depends on them. In case you have pigmentation problem, you can use pigment lining product as it is extremely effective in dealing with pigmentation.


Skincare Products To Use With A Derma Roller

A derma roller is a skin care product that has a rolling barrel with fine needles. It is a safe and effective product that can be used in salons and at homes. The method of skin treatment using a derma roller is also called micro needling, and it is of great use in treating and healing skin care problems. As the fine needles puncture the top layer of the skin, it stimulates collagen and elastin growth in the skin.

How does it work?

A derma roller works by needles penetration into the skin surface, which leads to the breakdown of the scar tissue or collagen. As a result, blood flow is improved, and it leads to formation of new skin tissue. Also, it strengthens the collagen and reduces scars. Derma Roller is used to treat fine lines and mild acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, improving the skin texture and enhancing the penetration of the skincare products to give you a radiant and rejuvenated skin.  

To make most of the derma roller treatment, it is crucial to use right skincare products. To get rid of fine lines, pores, acne, and other skin problems, it is best to use retinol serum, Vitamin C serums, and growth factor serum. It is best to use all these three skin care products for best results while using the derma roller. In case you aren’t comfortable using all the three products together, here are some points that you can keep in mind:

  1. 1.       Use Vitamin C serum in the morning in combination with the sunscreen as it protects the skin against the harsh UV rays and sun and also stimulates the production of collagen.
  2. 2.       While using the derma roller, use the Growth factor serum as it boosts the cell turnover time and improves the thickness of the skin. It is a great way to restore the luminosity of the skin. Though, for quicker and best results you can even use the Growth factor serum twice a day.
  3. 3.       After you are done with the rolling, use the retinol and moisturizer. Though, you can even use it at night.

In case you have skin pigmentation issues, you must use pigmentation lining serum while rolling. Don’t forget to use vitamin C in the morning though and retinol after the rolling.

You will be able to yield the best of the derma roller results only if you use high-quality products to compliment the treatment. Make your choices carefully and invest in professional serums only.