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Skincare for Men

What is Folliculitis?

What is Folliculitis ?

Folliculitis is an infection causing inflammation of the hair follicles. It is a common skin disorder and can happen to anyone immaterial of the persons sex or age.

Folliculitis typically appears as a white or red eruption of the skin that surrounds a hair follicle. When many of the hair follicles are infected it appears as a white or red rash of the skin.

The most likely places for folliculitis to appear are the arms, armpits, legs, or the scalp. Men who shave could develop folliculitis on the face.

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Boys catch the beauty bug!

It would appear that the modern man has been bitten by the beauty bug.
Gone are the days when men got home from work, gave themselves a quick wash with soap and water only to appear in the local five minutes later.
Today, as the male population thrust themselves into the 21st century a seemingly more rigorous hygiene routine is in place.

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